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B&B recently teamed up with a professional skills development firm that teaches individuals in any occupation how to deliver their message more effectively whether you’re presenting on the phone, Skype, email, networking, social media/IM, in a conference room or on that large meeting stage. It’s all about acquiring or tapping into the tools necessary to communicate more efficiently. A side effect being you’ll start to build stronger relationships.

Our programs are developed for corporate employees. Your team member(s) will be trained by assured, articulate, and authentic professional actors with strong business acumen. Our goal: to help your teams reduce communication confusion while increasing productivity and profitability. It’s all in the delivery; delivery of the performance by your team so they connect with the audience. You know the “script”. You’ve probably given it a dozen times. You’re the expert but how do deliver that message?
Ask yourself or your team:
  • Are they compelling, dynamic and memorable in their communication?
  • Does their audience remember the key elements and fundamental points?
  • Are they making positive choices to build relationships?
Our team of professional can answer that – we bring the unique communication skills of professional actors to your team in order to:
  • Accentuate individual strengths and understand limitations.
  • Conquer fears and anxiety through technique.
  • Provide the communication skills and tools necessary for success.
  • Foster strong inter-personal relationships.
The objective of our training is to last long after our sessions have ended. Our team works with each client to design a training experience for participants that is fun, memorable and useful. Our training program begins with acting skills applied to business and ends with individual virtual follow-up coaching. Everything in between is developed specifically for each client.

Courses Emphasize:
  • Communication Essentials
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Virtual Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking Skills
  • Facilitation
Our workshops are fun and participative, taught in small group form. In addition, we offer individual coaching, university lectures, and large format speaking engagements.

It’s “presentation” season every day so start by talking to us before you hit the stage…the training session…the client presentation…or the…you get the idea. Let us help you increase credibility and get your audience more engaged so your product looks better.

3908 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60618
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