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So, you want to meet virtually but didn't know how to connect...at least in a fun, innovative and informative way. Voila...B&B has the answer. We can produce a full blown webcast with streaming media from here to eternity or just assist you with a more scaled down interaction between you and your sales and marketing team or any other team in-between. Really, you should be on the phone by now call B&B. We can produce a 2 camera video webcast on any given day or more cameras if you so desire. Add video playback, audio conference (from Toll, Toll Free and Audio Broadcast), web page sharing, polling and more...and that's sometimes just one guy...

And, if your so inclined, ask us to help you spice up your PowerPoint presentation or go full tilt and add a "virtual host" like Greg...After all, it is still a MEETING! Just virtually.
3908 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60618
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